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Monday, May 25, 2015

Why you should join the Buy Nothing Project


The Buy Nothing Project’s goal is to encourage 365 days of gifting. The main rule of the project is simple: you cannot buy or sell items through the project; it is only about giving and receiving.

Mission statement of Buy Nothing Project:

We offer people a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of hyper-local gift economies in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbors.

Here is the rundown on why I have joined the Buy Nothing Project:

1. Builds Community

The project hooks you up with a local chapter. You can only be a part of one chapter at a time and must live in the chapter’s boundaries. This makes sense for picking items up, since everyone lives close by, but it also encourages community. What better way to help build community then by giving and receiving to/from your neighbors?

2. Feels Good to Give

Giving to a person feels good! Take a look at Why Being Generous is So Good For You. It feels rewarding handing an item to an actual person. I love meeting my neighbors when they come pick things up or when I go out to pick things up. It just feels neighborly!

3. Reduces Consumption of New Stuff

There is so much stuff in this world. Why buy something new if you can receive the item you need/want from someone who no longer needs/wants it? Reusing someone else's stuff not only helps your wallet, but helps the environment by reducing the need for new stuff to be produced.

This was perfect timing for us, as we needed to get rid of a ton of stuff to make room for the coming baby. We cleared out our guest room to make a nursery. We then consolidated the office/junk room into an office/guest room. This has been a challenge as this room had become overrun with stuff. Way too much stuff!

Plus, we needed new (to us) stuff for the nursery. We have been blessed with a ton of hand-me-down clothes, books, rocking chair and other baby gear. It has been a truly a positive experience.

4. No Need to Make Special Trips to Goodwill for Larger Items 

We had a TV stand that we needed to get rid of ASAP last night, since the new one was getting delivered. I posted it on Buy Nothing, asking when can you pick it up and picked the quickest. We had that TV stand gone in under 2 hours!

A neighbor of ours rushed over with his truck. Him and my husband carried it out to the truck and it was gone! If we had to take this to Goodwill, we would have had to rent a Uhaul van. Then we would have planned a big Goodwill run with as much as we could to make as much use of the van as possible. AND we would have had to find someone to help my husband load it up, since I'm pregnant and am not going to be as helpful lifting heavy stuff as I used to be. This just made Buy Nothing even more convenient!

5. Providing Help to those in Need (in addition to those in want)

Buy Nothing specifically states in it's mission that it does not distinguish between need and want. Even so, I still see this group making positive impacts on those in need. In my few weeks of participating in the project, I have seen several people with real needs get generous support from their neighbors.

I have seen foster parents get on needing a car seat and clothes for a foster child they are receiving that night and neighbors pull through for them. I have also seen people get on and say they have no furniture and are broke and neighbors generously give what they can to help them out. I also have seen people post that their food stamp card got stolen and they now have no food for the next couple weeks. Again, neighbors pull together and delivered dry goods from their pantries and extra food that they have on hand.

6. It is Addictive!

My husband has already accused me of being addicted. He's not super enthused about all the baby stuff I have brought home, but has gotten excited over some of the non-baby stuff. It's also been great for getting rid of stuff quickly! It's just so much fun to give and receive stuff! It's like Christmas all year round!

A fellow bus rider suggested I join the Buy Nothing Project when I told her I was still looking for a rocking chair for my nursery. She informed me that she sees a ton of baby/kids stuff get put up through Buy Nothing (perfect for us nesting mommies!). She also then told me you can ask for what you are looking for.

I put up a post asking for a rocking chair... and guess what? I received one that weekend. I was so happy to check this off of my nursery list! And it was free!

Here is a sample of what I have received from my neighbors:

And here is a sample of what I have given to my neighbors:

It has been so handy in our purging and baby gear acquiring phase! I imagine we will be members of this group for a good while. I can see us continuing to acquire children's stuff for a good long time, but then putting up the no longer needed things after baby #2. It's going to be a great group to be a part of throughout our parenting years.

So go check out the Buy Nothing Project website and see if they have a local group in your area. If not, you can also start your own chapter!

What do you love the most about giving? Share with us in the comments below!
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Monday, May 18, 2015

How to Launder with Soap Nuts (including cloth diapers!)


In preparing the nursery, I needed to start washing my stash of cloth diapers, but my laundry detergent was listed (even though it's a "sustainable" brand) as not being very good for cloth diapers. Some detergents leave residue that can build up on diapers and cause leaks or decreased absorbency.

I started researching detergents for cloth diapers and decided to try soap nuts. These nuts are grown on a tree and are a natural soap perfect for washing machines. They are low sudsing, so compatible with HE washers (which is what we own).

Soap Nuts (image source: NaturOli)
Here is why I chose soap nuts over other cloth diaper safe or sustainable detergents:
  • Better for the Environment: they are completely natural (they grow on a tree!), certified organic, completely biodegradable, and are non-toxic.
  • Better for your Health: they are hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin (eczema and baby skin), no harsh chemicals, non-toxic, unscented
  • Better for your Wallet: they are not as expensive as standard detergents (as low as $0.05 per load when purchased in the 2-3lb range), especially compared to detergents designed to be environmentally sound and hypoallergenic. 
What is interesting about these three reasons for using soap nuts is that these are all the three reasons why I chose cloth diapers over disposables. I wanted the best for my baby for his/her health, as well as the best for the environment and my wallet. I tend to be a bit thrifty, so getting all three of these in one package makes me happy!

I bought NaturOli Soap Nuts Sample Pack (affiliate link) from Amazon for $5.90, which is supposed to do approximately 15-25 loads of laundry. Next, I researched tips from across the internet, which I have included a list at the bottom of this page. Here is a summary of some of the tips and directions on how to launder with soap nuts:

Tips for Laundering with Soap Nuts

First Time Use = Strip the Washing Machine

Since there is a buildup of residue from your traditional detergent (even a "green" brand) in the washing machine, many sites recommend stripping your washing machine before laundering cloth diapers. If you don't, there is a risk that the soap nuts will lift the residue and it will end up on your cloth diapers. This defeats the purpose of using soap nuts, so definitely strip your washing machine first!

I read that you can simply run the washing machine without anything in it except some soap nuts. The brand of soap nuts I bought suggested washing something (not diapers) with soap nuts, like rags you don't much care for. It will strip the washing machine AND do a load of laundry. I have an HE washing machine that fills the machine up with water based on how much is in it, so I preferred the second method.

Warm or Hot Wash

Put 5 soap nuts, or equivalent pieces, in a cotton or muslin drawstring bag and tie bag securely. My soap nut sample pack came with an empty bag for this.

Toss the soap nuts in the washing machine before you add your clothes. Remove from washer at the end of the wash to dry (leave soap nuts in bag). I have a little glass bowl in my laundry room that I put the soap nuts in at the end of the wash.

Re-use approximately 5 times. The soap nuts are no longer effective when they become thin, mushy and very light tan or gray.

Cold Wash

Make a cup of soap nut 'tea' by soaking 5 bagged soap nuts in a cup of very hot water for approximately 3 minutes.

Pour both the soap nuts liquid and bag in the washing machine before adding your clothes. Remove from the washer at end of the wash to dry (leave soap nuts in bag).

Re-use approximately 5 times. The soap nuts are no longer effective when they become thin, mushy and very light tan or gray.

Some of the cloth diapers I have started collecting!

Cloth Diaper Wash Routine with Soap Nuts

Here is the wash routine I've established based on tips from the interwebz: 
  1. Flush any solid waste down the toilet after starting solid foods (breastfed poo can go straight into the pail as it is water soluble). Use BacOut on any stains or odorous diapers. Throw in diaper pail. Can also sprinkle diaper pail with baking soda if stinky.
  2. Empty pail liner into washing machine, turn liner inside out and also put into the washing machine.
  3. Do a cold pre-wash cycle with no detergents.
  4. When this cycle is done, put 5 soap nuts in the cloth bag (or reuse the previous bag of nuts) and put it in your laundry machine. Do a Hot wash cycle with a pre-soak cycle (to get the berries going). No rinse cycle needed when using soap nuts!
  5. Set the bag with nuts aside to dry. Nuts can be reused for approximately 5 washes.
  6. Put cloth inserts into the dryer and do a normal dry cycle.
  7. Hang dry all diaper liners and the pail liner.
Never use fabric softener with cloth diapers! Fabric softener products leave a residue on clothes that could cause cloth diapers to leak or lose their absorbency.

If diapers aren't getting white enough, try drying them in the sun for an effective natural white bleach. An oxygen booster, like Nellie's Oxygen Brightener (affiliate link), or Biokleen Bac-Out (affiliate link) can also help get things whiter.

Whirlpool HE Top Load Settings for Cloth Diapers

I have a Whirlpool HE Top Loaded washing machine. I have read over and over from different cloth diapering sites and cloth diapering momma blogs how to wash cloth diapers and how to wash them in an HE washing machine. Here are my settings for my washing machine:

Wash Machine Settings for Cloth Diapers
  • Soil Level = Heavy
  • Wash Temp = Hot
  • Cycle = Deep Water Wash
  • Rinse Options = 1 Rinse
  • Presoak = On 
Soil level and wash temp seem pretty standard with cloth diapering recommendations. I was quite happy to realize that my washing machine has a deep water wash cycle. Many cloth diapering momma's with an HE washer recommend throwing a wet towel in with your diapers to trick the washing machine into using more water. However, this only works on the first sensing cycle.

With my washing machine, I use the deep water wash cycle. This cycle uses additional water and additional agitation than the normal cycle. Perfect for cloth diapers!

I choose only 1 rinse cycle because soap nuts don't need a rinse cycle. If I was using a more standard detergent, I would then set it to 2 rinse cycles.

Another happy moment was when I realized there is a presoak option. This eliminates the need to do a soak cycle, then come back later to reset the washing machine. I can just set the machine and walk away until it is ready to dry.

The length of presoak is determined by the soil level. I am not sure how it chooses water temperature (if it's based on the wash temp or has a  preset setting). If anyone knows, let us know in the comments!

There is also an independent soak cycle on my machine. I plan on using this once a month for stripping. I will use the cold temperature with 1/4 or 1/2 cup of the Bac-Out on the soak cycle. Then once that cycle is done, I'll do my normal wash routine.

Additional Tips

I have read that since the soap nuts do not leave a residue (and you aren't pulling the soap nuts out for the rinse cycle), there is no need to use the rinse cycle. On the flip side, you may want to use the pre-soak cycle to get the berries started.

No need to use fabric softener! With soap nuts, you shouldn't need fabric softener even for your normal wash. Soap nuts are a natural softener that should keep your clothes soft and fluffy. I did notice that my diapers came out statically charged, so using a wool ball (natural fabric softener) to reduce static cling may be useful. I don't mind the static charge, but my husband can't stand it!

Biokleen Bac-Out (image source: Amazon)
Use BacOut before washing. Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator (affiliate link) works great for stain and odor removal for both clothing and diapers. I got this tip from an amazon review on the soap nuts, but I have also seen it on many cloth diapering momma blogs using it even with standard laundry detergents.

The soap nuts are great for standard washings, but aren't great for getting out stains. Because of this, many people recommend using BioKleen on stains before throwing it in the washing machine. Several cloth diapering mommas suggest using BioKleen on poopy or stinky diapers before throwing it into the diaper pail. I have also heard that you can add 1/4 or 1/2 cup of BioKleen into the wash once a month to help strip diapers of odor buildup.

I picked up a bottle of BioKleen at the same time as my sample pack of soap nuts. I am definitely going to put some in a spray or squirt bottle at the diaper changing station. BTW, it smells wonderful! Who knew a cleaner could smell so yummy! It contains a lime citrus extract which I just find intoxicating.

A post in a forum I read said they keep a white board in the laundry room to keep track of how many washes the soap nuts have been used for. I haven't determined if this is truly necessary, as you should be able to tell when they are spent.

My Personal Experience To Date

I have just started using the soap nuts for laundering both my clothes and my stash of cloth diapers. So far it has been really easy. I have been keeping track of number of uses in my head and looking at them to see if I can tell when they are spent. My husband hasn't started using them yet (he's using the remaining detergent), so I will need to make it easier for him to understand when to change them out.

I am going to hang instructions in my laundry room on how to use the soap nuts and also how to launder cloth diapers. This will serve to remind me and my husband, but also provide directions for anyone who may be visiting my house. I can see my mom doing some laundry for me when the baby is new. I also have a stepson who may need some directions for doing his laundry. I plan on framing the instructions, so maybe I'll add a dry erase marker for keeping track of usage.

I'll update you later after we have laundered with soap nuts consistently for an extended period of time.

How to launder with soap nuts
Do you use or have you ever used soap nuts for your laundry or cloth diapers? What has been your experience? Love it? Not a fan?

Do you use BioKleen Bac-Out? What is your favorite use for this product? Have you tried their other products?


Here is a selection of resources I used to come up with my findings above:
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Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th be with you... baby style!

Happy Star Wars Day!

I thought I would share a few things Star Wars today... baby style!

Did you see "Babies React to Star Wars Trailer"? Oh, my goodness! You have to! This is exactly the reaction my husband and I had when watching the new trailer:

Check out this Star Wars nursery by Greg Pabst. My husband would have died if I suggested a Star Wars nursery (luckily, he seems really pleased with our current nursery scheme, though). I LOVE the Wampa Rug (amazon affiliate link)! And that accent wall is awesome!

Star Wars Nursery by Greg Pabst (image source:
Of course, if I had a Star Wars nursery, I would need this mobile from Drops of Color on Etsy. I had fallen in love with her mario mobile and wanted to buy it for my sister-in-law. I had all these ideas to DIY, but alas, didn't (instead I made her mario onsies). I think these felt mobiles are soooooo cool!

Star Wars Mobile (image source: Drops of Color on Etsy)
Here's another etsy find that I think is adorable! There are so many great Star Wars onsies out there, but I thought this one was pretty freakin' cute.

I speak wookie (image source: StellarCreationsLove on Etsy)
And finally, here is an easy and adorable Star Wars costume for your little one. OMG! Cuteness overload!!! What a great idea to take a bear costume and make an ewok costume!

Ewok Costume from a Bear Costume (image source: The Meta Picture)
Well there you have it. A roundup of super cute Star Wars baby stuff for Star Wars day. Hope you have a great day! And May the 4th be with you!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Creating a Sunny Sky Nursery Ceiling


Two weekends ago, my husband painted our nursery ceiling sky blue. We used Behr paint, low VOC in an eggshell finish from Home Depot. The color is called Blue Feather. We kept debating whether we went too dark, but absolutely loved it once we saw it on the ceiling.

Blue Feather paint from Behr (image source: Home Depot)
This Saturday, we did our big Ikea shopping run for nursery items we needed. We purchased the SMILA SOL Ceiling Lamp. If you buy this lamp, note you will need three 12E 40W light bulbs, which are a metric light bulb that you cannot get at normal places in the US.

SMILA SOL Ceiling Lamp (image source: Ikea)
We didn't realize we needed special bulbs until after my husband got it hung up and tried to put normal bulbs in. I ran off to Home Depot right away, because we really wanted to see it all lit up. The person at Home Depot said they didn't stock these bulbs. "You bought a light fixture from Ikea, huh?" He explained how the products are import and need a metric bulb.

E12 40W LED Light Bulb (image source: Ikea)
You can buy the light bulbs from Ikea, so pick them up when you are picking up the lamp! We bought the LEDARE LED bulb E12 in the dimmable version (incase we want to add a dimmer switch) for $5.99 each. Or if you get home and don't want to make another run to Ikea (which is what we did), you can buy an LED bulb (affiliate link) or a 5 pack of LED bulbs (affiliate link) from Amazon.

RoomMates Cloud Decals (image source: Amazon - affiliate link)
We bought the RoomMates Clouds Peel and Stick Wall Decals (affiliate link) from amazon. We haven't yet put them up but are very excited to add this to our sky ceiling.

We are so excited about setting up the nursery!!! It is really coming together nicely. We have set up all of the major furniture, including the crib and dresser/changing table. I am still looking for a good rocking chair (we didn't like the Ikea one once we sat in it). I'm thinking about purchasing a wooden one from Craigslist.

In case you missed it, here is our Gender Neutral Nature Themed Nursery mood board:

Gender Neutral Nature Themed Nursery
And here is how our sunny sky nursery ceiling turned out (so far! Appologies for the not super quality photos. It's hard taking a picture of a light when it is on!):

SMILA SOL Ceiling Light all set up!

Up close with our sun lamp.

Sunny Sky Nursery Ceiling - See the crib not put together? It's put together now!
What do you think of my sunny sky ceiling for the nursery?
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Master Bedroom Inspiration


Yes, it may seem a bit odd for me to be planning out the master bedroom when I have a nursery to work on (ceiling is painted! Squeal!!!). Keep in mind that now is the perfect time to get the house cleaned up and ship shape before baby arrives. Once baby is here, it will take us a while to tackle these rooms.

The master bedroom and guest room/office are two rooms that are in desperate need of attention right now. We need to get the guest room ready for when my stepson is in town (this Summer; he will be here for when baby is born!).

We will have a bassinet in the master bedroom for at least 6 months. Currently the master bedroom is a wreck. And I mean a WRECK!!!

What our bed looks like on a daily basis... See my maternity body pillow? It's a life saver!
I am so embarrassed of it, but perhaps sharing pictures of the state of my horrid bedroom will help motivate me to make it better. I can't believe how bad it was this weekend...

Mountains of clothes in the wicker basket. Stuff sprawled out everywhere...
We have a mountain of clean clothes in a pile in this wicker trunk with a comforter from this winter on top. My dresser is old and worn out. I have had it since I was 12 years old. Can you see how it is sagging in the middle and the drawers don't quite close?

Clothes flow out of the laundry basket in front of the closet. You don't even want to see the state the closet is in
We have dirty clothes overflowing the laundry basket and in a pile in front of the closet. The closet has junk and unused bedding all over the floor. Plus I HATE our closet doors. The closet will forever be half closed. There isn't a light in there, so it is always dark and hard to pick out clothes.

Our ugly bed is on an uncover box spring with a metal rail frame.
Our bed is a mattress/boxspring combo on the original railing I got with the mattress set. We HATE the railing. For one, it is on wheels and moves around. Two, it is partially broken. And three, this bed is just uhhh-gly!

Soooooo… In order to get the bedroom ready for when we have an infant sharing this room with us, I decided to get inspired. I want to not only clean it up, but make it a room I actually like to be in.

Here is my inspiration (task) list for making my bedroom a welcoming place for us.

Upholstered Box Spring Bed

Upholstered Box Spring Bed (image source: Momma Rake)
Years ago, in a galaxy far, far away... I thought I would make us a bed using plans from (I love her farmhouse bed!), but that just hasn't happened yet. I feel like I am running out of time and getting too big to do any woodworking projects.

This upholstered box spring bed looks like it could be completed in a few hours and I think it looks sharp. I like that this tutorial by Momma Rake requires no sewing. She stapled the fabric on with a very nice looking pleat at the corners. The legs (and optional hardware for attaching them) can be purchased from a home improvement store.

Wood Paneled Headboard or Wall

Reclaimed Wood Headboard (Image Source: Creatively Christy)
I really want a nice headboard. Currently the white walls are getting somewhat stained where our pillows rest. I don't know how or what this is, but it annoys me.

I have seen many tutorials on how to make your own wood headboard. Ana White has a reclaimed-wood look headboard that is beautiful! I have also seen a pallet headboard (by The Thinking Closet) tutorial and a tutorial where they create a plank headboard (by Boxy Colonial) by screwing the planks to the wall.

Once I started looking at plank headboards, I started looking at plank walls. I love how this creates an interesting look and feel for the whole room!

Reclaimed Barn Board Wall (Image Source:
Instead of screwing actual wood to the walls, I have been considering stick-on wood/vinyl/tile flooring as an option. I've seen several people create a planked wall from these stick-on wood flooring.

I like the look of creating a headboard on the wall, but I also really like the look of doing the whole wall behind the bed. I think it would look very sharp in our room. Of course, once I did the whole wall I would then start thinking about a headboard again to finish the look. An upholstered headboard is out of the question (remember the stains on the walls? I don't want stains on the fabric either).

KOPPANG 3 Drawer Dresser as Bedside Tables

KOPPANG 3 Drawer Dresser from Ikea (Image Source: Ikea)
Our current mismatched beside dressers are horrendous. I love the idea of these 3 drawer dressers, because it will also give us more storage that we desperately need. I could see keeping my kindle and/or a book, my vitamins, tissue, chapstick and lotion in the top drawer. My pajamas that I am currently wearing in the second drawer (during the day, so they aren't thrown on the floor or under my current bedside table). Pants/bras that have been worn once, but aren't dirty yet, could go in the bottom drawer.

I could see my husband storing random stuff in his top drawer: static guard, deodorant, vitamins, the contents of his pockets during laundry day, etc. Maybe some hoodies in either the bottom or middle drawer. Whatever else he likes to keep in the bedroom.

Gray Dresser

Gray Contemporary Dresser (Image Source: Houzz)
I would love to refinish our current dresser by painting it gray and changing out the knobs. I have a feeling that it isn't worth it though. It seems to be sagging in the middle and the drawers are stiff to open and close.

Part of me would love to look for a good, solid wood dresser from goodwill. Another part of me would like to settle for a HEMNES 8 Drawer Dresser from Ikea, which wouldn't be a bad option for now. I could always give the Ikea dresser to one of the kids and invest in a nicer dresser for us later down the road.

A Functional Closet

Ever since we moved in, I have HATED our master bedroom closet. Yes, it is nice and big compared to the smaller bedrooms. It's almost a walk in closet.

I should love it. BUT, the doors are horrendous and there is no lighting inside the closet. I want to remove the closet doors and replace them with a curtain. Perhaps something yellow like these curtains.

Yellow Curtains (Image Source: Target)
That way the curtains could hang on either side of the door frame, out of the way when you want access to clothes. But if you want to give the room a nice, tidy appearance for company, simply close the curtains. The curtains could also add a nice pop of color to an otherwise plain room.

Once the closet is more accessible (and I have thoroughly cleaned and emptied it), I want to make it more functional. I want to get rid of our current laundry basket and opt for twin (or maybe three?) laundry baskets that are inside the closet. A his and hers baskets. Perhaps these cheap ones from Ikea would do the trick.

Laundry Bag and Frame (Image Source: Ikea)

Wall Art to Cover the Unsightly

Last, but not least, I want to hang up some wall art opposite of our bed. I want two canvas’ that are identical in size to go on either side of the dresser. One will hang over an unsightly electrical panel (did you catch a glimpse of it above the wicker basket?). I saw this tutorial on making wall art for this exact purpose.

Breaker Box Wall Art Cover (Image Source: Project Goble)
What do you think of my master bedroom inspiration? Honestly, anything would be better than what we have now. I find our bedroom so cluttered and unsymmetrical and just plain ugly right now. I want to give it more color and texture and cleanliness.

I'll keep you posted if and when I get this accomplished. Wish me luck!
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Cloth Diaper Storage Solutions


So I have been obsessing over cloth diapers even before getting pregnant. I just think they are so darn cute! They make me all warm inside. Weird thing to say about a diaper, huh?

Since I have started collecting my own stash, I have been thinking more and more about how I want to store them. I absolutely love options that display them like artwork.

Here are 9 clever ways to store your cloth diapers:

1. HEMNES Dresser Changing Table

HEMNES Dresser Changing Table with SKUBB Organizers (Image Source: Hellobee)
I love the concept of using a dresser as a changing table and have featured this as part of my nursery moodboard. It just makes sense to me, as this furniture piece will grow with the child in functionality. It seems perfect to have baby on top, open the top drawer and choose a diaper. I like how she has labeled the drawers to help those who may not be familiar with changing cloth diapers. She is using the HEMNES 3 Drawer Chest from Ikea with SKUBB 6 Box Organizers.

2. RASKOG Portable Diaper Station

RASKOG Utility Cart (Image Source: A Little Delightful)
I included this one on my moodboard too! She used the RASKOG Utility Cart as a portable diaper trolley (housed next to a HEMNES dresser changing table!). She stocked hers with disposable diapers, but the same idea applies for cloth diapers. I plan on housing my cloth wipes, cloth safe diaper cream and hand sanitizer up top. I can then house some cloth diapers on the middle shelf and burp cloths and a portable changing pad on the bottom shelf.

I really like the idea of having all the diaper changing toiletries in a cart that is moveable. I could see bringing this out into the living room when I am home all day with baby and just want to change him on our coffee table. Or moving it to the bedroom for diaper changes at night.

3. CD Tower Shelf

GNEDBY Shelf Unit (Image Source: Making This Home Ours)
I am a huge fan of this storage option! She used GNEDBY Shelf Unit from Ikea (doesn't Ikea just make nesting so much easier?) next to her changing station. I just love how it displays all the colors/prints that she has available. It is like a work of art: all colorful, framed and on display.

It also houses a significant amount of diapers while maintaining a compact and tidy appearance. I counted 32 diapers in the picture and I am sure there are still a few more below the frame. I am collecting both pocket diapers and covers for prefolds/flats, so I could see storing even more diapers in this! Not sure if I would put the prefolds/flats on a shelf or put them somewhere else.

4. Changing Table Storage

Changing Table (Image Source: delore @ DiaperSwappers)
If I planned on having an actual changing table, this is how I would set it up. I love that she has a wet bag hanging on the left hand side. I have heard that a good option with cloth diapers is to ditch the diaper pail and just use a large wet bag with a zipper top. The zipper will help keep the smell in and then it less bulk in the nursery. Plus it is one less nursery item that you won't know what to do with once your little one is out of diapers.

5. Shelves Above the Changing Table

Shelves above the changing table (Source: User upload to Pinterest)
Open shelves above the changing table is also super cute. They are in easy reach and on display. The one above is similar to #3, the CD tower shelf, since it also frames the diapers nicely in little cubbies. The shelf looks like it belonged to the Ikea HENSVIK series, but they are no longer on the website. I would do this, but I plan on doing the bird decal above the changing table per my moodboard.

6. Wire Baskets Above the Changing Table

Wire Baskets from a Craft Store and Spray Painted (Image Source: Thrift Craft Love
Instead of shelves, display your diapers in cute wire baskets. She spray painted hers a lime green. She houses the remainder of her diapers in the dresser/changing table.

Wire Baskets from a Dollar Store (Image Source: User upload to Pinterest)
Another example of wire baskets hung over the changing table. These wire baskets were purchased from the dollar store. I like how there are multiple different sizes housing different diapering essentials. Alternatively, I could see hanging a shower caddy over the changing table.

7. Pegboard Diaper Changing Station

Pegboard Over the Changing Station (Image Source: My Blissful Space)

This kind of takes the wire baskets in #6 one step further. Pegboards are so popular for creating unique storage solutions for crafting, office spaces and, of course, the work bench. Why not implement in the nursery too?

It is almost too perfect for above the changing table. You can get shelves and baskets that fit into the pegboard holes. Put up your diapers, cloth wipes and other changing supplies. This gal framed her pegboard and painted it with a gray and white chevron pattern. Love all of her baby girls cute ribbons. Super cute!

8. Behind the Door Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage for Baby Items (Image Source: Supermom vs Me)
This is a great space saving idea! I found my nursery to be quite small in floorplanner when mapping out all of the furniture I wanted. Plus, you can store more than just diapers! She stores her diapers (disposable, but same applies to cloth), shoes and other random baby stuff in her super tiny nursery.

Her tiny nursery was originally the master bedroom walk in closet. My best friend actually converted her walk in closet to a nursery when her first child was born. I think it makes perfect sense for a nursery. Then your little one is super close without being really close.

9. Shelf Above the Washer/Dryer 

Washer and Dryer Changing Station (Image Source: Unknown)
This is actually a great changing station for cloth diapering. I have heard that a good way to store dirty cloth diapers is straight into the washing machine. My husband and I tend to do our laundry once per week (my laundry day is Sunday), so I could see putting the dirties directly into the washing machine not being too much of a hassle for us.

Granted, once baby is older and you need to dump the poo in the toilet, this won't be as much of a convenience. Our one and only bathroom is on the other side of the house and closest to the nursery. If your washer and dryer was located in a bathroom though, this would be a perfect changing station! It would also keep the stink out of the nursery and free up space in a small nursery.

Well there you have it! My cloth diaper storage ideas roundup. Don't you just love nesting eye candy?

Are you planning on cloth diapering? Or have you already cloth diapered a little one (or more)? Tell us how you setup (or want to setup) your changing station and how you stored your cloth diapers in the comments below!
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