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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Guest Room Dresser Brainstorm

Guest Room Revitalization (Part 3)

This post is Part 3 of a series of posts regarding redecorating my guest room. The previous posts are Introduction and Goals and DIY Ikea Hack Rykene Headboard.

Part 3: Guest Room Dresser Brainstorm

DIY Ikea Hack Rykene Headboard
DIY Ikea Hack Rykene Headboard - check out how I hacked
 the Ikea Rykene frame for an updated headboard!
Don't think I forgot about my Guest Room Revitalization project, did you? Let's recap since it has been a long time.

What I have done so far

Back in May, I started working on fixing up my guest room to prepare for my step-son. My 11-year-old son stays with us 8 weeks every Summer. He lives 2,300 miles from us the rest of the year. :( During his time away this year, the guest room filled up with stuff like it was a storage room. The first step of revitalizing the guest room was cleaning it up.

The furniture is all from Ikea. We set up the guest room the following year pretty soon after moving into the place. We were having my sister-in-law come stay with us at the same time as my step-son. Furniture was obtained as quickly as possible, hence the Ikea furniture. Quick and cheap!

This year, I decided I wanted to fix up the guest room real nice for my son. The bed is the Rykene bed from Ikea, although we picked it up for cheap on Craig's List. You can find lots of Ikea furniture on Craig's List for less. I hacked the bed by making an updated headboard and painted the frame blue.

The Next Step

The next step was to hack the RAST 3 drawer chest and paint it blue. However, I ran out of time! It is probably a good thing. We discovered this Summer that my son's clothes do not fit in the RAST 3 drawer chest.

He was so excited to have his own room. I think he unpacked his clothes almost immediately after walking into it. We had to squish his clothes in pretty badly.

My son is so smart. I talked to him about how I wanted to fix the RAST drawer up and paint it blue to match the bed, but that I will have to find something else since it is too small. He said, "you should just get another and put them side by side."

So here are the options I have come up with:
  • Option 1 - Buy a second RAST drawer and attach them together, creating a 6 drawer unit. Then proceed with a RAST hack.
  • Option 2 - Buy something different from Ikea. I have been looking at the TARVA series as a possible alternate. It is similar to the RAST in that it is untreated wood which is perfect for customizing. The bonus of this series is they are a little larger and they come in a 5 and 6 drawer options. I also like how they have legs. If I do proceed with a RAST hack (option 1), I am going to look into adding furniture legs to the RAST drawer.
  • Option 3 - Buy a drawer from Craig's list or Goodwill to re-finish. This would possibly require a little more patience to find the right piece that fits the space. I am planning on doing this option for the master bedroom furniture. I really like the idea of keeping the guest room Ikea furniture and the theme of the decor to be Ikea Hacked furniture pieces. I mean EVERYTHING in the guest room is from Ikea at the moment. However, the benefits of this option is that the furniture piece will, most likely, be of a higher quality than the Ikea furniture and could potentially be much less expensive. There are also much more options of size and shape for the furniture piece.
RAST 3 Drawer Chest RAST 3 Drawer Chest - $35 each. The plan would be to buy a second chest for a total of $70, attach them together and hack them into a nice piece of furniture. Product dimensions: Width: 24 3/8", Depth: 11 3/4", Height: 27 1/2". (image courtesy of 5 Drawer Chest TARVA 5 Drawer Chest - $99 each with product dimensions: Width: 31 1/8", Depth: 15 3/8",
Height: 50". There is also a TARVA 6 drawer chest for $149, but I think I lean towards the second RAST if I want to go the 6 drawer option. (image courtesy of
Craig's List or Thrift Store Find Craig's List or Thrift Store Find - This option could range from $25-$150 depending on how nice the piece is to start with and how desperate the person is to get rid of it. This could be a much nicer piece that is pretty inexpensive. This is what I plan on doing for the master bedroom. (image courtesy of Centsational Girl - check out her fabulous furniture redo!)

What do you think I should do? Since I have time, I can just keep my eye on craig's list for the Ikea pieces or the third option. If I abandon the RAST hack project for the guest room, it won't be completely abandoned. I will still own a RAST drawer, so I would plan on using it in the master bedroom. Probably doing something like this:

RAST 3 Drawer Hack
RAST 3 Drawer Hack - Hard to believe that the piece on the right is a RAST 3 drawer dresser. Erin from A Charming Nest did an amazing job with this hack! Check out her post to see how she did it. (image courtesy of A Charming Nest)

I think I'm going to let this idea stew for a bit. I want to get this done before my son comes back in June, but I currently have more pressing projects. Like my Kitchen Table project! Here's a sneak peak at what I'm thinking about:

Kitchen Table SketchUp Kitchen Table SketchUp with black legs and apron.Kitchen Table SketchUp 2 Kitchen Table SketchUp with white legs and apron.

More details to come...


  1. Hm, I think your son's idea of buying a second RAST and putting them side by side seems best. Not only will the two dressers match, but it's relatively inexpensive. On top of that, but having two smaller units will give you added flexibility in the future. (For re-arranging furniture, changing rooms, or moving, in general.)

  2. I didn't think about the flexibility in rearranging two smaller pieces versus one larger piece. I was thinking I would attach the two smaller chests together to make a larger piece, but keeping them separate is also a great idea! I could see putting them on either side of the bed in a different arrangement. I like it!

  3. Yeah, I learned that lesson the hard way when Terry and I bought our first queen-sized mattress. Sure, it fit into the apartment we were living in at the time. However, when we moved, it absolutely refused to fit up the stairwell with the slightly lower overhang. (Duly noted: split box springs are best if you're planning on getting a queen or king-sized mattress.)

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