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Friday, December 14, 2012

Broken Hearted

In the words of the President, "Our hearts are broken today..."

My heart is broken for my Step-son and baby Nephew.

My heart is broken for my fiancé, who broke down crying when he heard the news and just wishes he could hug his son who lives 2,300 miles away.

My heart is broken for my mom, the middle school teacher.

Most of all, my heart is broken for all the children killed. And for all the children who lived. And for all the parents who send their children off to school, thinking that their children are going somewhere safe.

My heart is broken.


  1. Our hearts are indeed broken.. and we must also pray for the gunman's family how horrific to know their child could do such a barbaric act against innocent people.
    It is indeed a very sorrowful day..

  2. i just learned he killed his Mother too..

  3. Isn't it insane? He went to his mother's classroom and killed her and her students... I'm just absolutely horrified.