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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Are you ready?

Growing up, Mother's Day was always my responsibility since my dad was utterly hopeless (men just don't get it, do they?). I would always get my mom a bouquet of flowers and a card and let the boys (dad and three brothers) sign it. Of course, I would write some epic, sentimental and long note in the card. The boys? They just signed it. LOL!

I often try to buy a bouquet of iris and pussy willows. The iris is one of my mom's favorite flowers. I remember in middle school she helped me with a fake country project. From her suggestion, I drew my country in a shape mimicking the shape of an iris. My country's name was Petite Fleur (little flower). The pussy willow was something she would buy me as a child. I loved pretending they were fuzzy little creatures.

Last year I started making jewelry, so I decided to make my mom something nice. I had also just gotten addicted to Pinterest. Here is what I made for my mom last year:

Mother Bird's Nest
Mother Bird's Nest - Bird nest charm using swarovski crystals to represent birthstones. Sorry for the blurry, flat, boring picture. I took this picture last year and didn't know any better {still don't! ;) }

The bird's nest charm was really easy to make. I followed Sarah Ortega's DIY Bird Nest Necklace tutorial. I used swarovski crystal beads to represented the birthstones for me and my three brothers (amethyst, emerald, sapphire and opal). I decided to add a bird charm to represent a mommy bird. I used 22 gauge, half-hard, silver German jewelry wire. Seriously, this is an easy project that takes no prior jewelry making knowledge or skills.

Don't feel comfortable making your own? Check out these birthstone pieces from Mu-Yin Jewelry:

Mother's Birthstone Jewelry by Mu-Yin Jewelry
Mother's Birthstone Jewelry by Mu-Yin Jewelry

You could make a really simple pendant like the one below by using the basic wire loop and crystal beads to represent birthstones:

Stacked Crystal Pendant
Stacked Crystal Pendant (Click Image for Pinterest Bookmark)

Last year at Beadworld, my neighborhood bead store, I saw a father and his two boys making necklaces for mom for mother's day. The girls at the bead store helped them attach the clasps and finish off the necklaces. I thought it was darling seeing them at the bead store!

Another great Mother's Day jewelry gift is a locket with a picture of her children inside. This is something I got my mom for Christmas one year. She can then keep a picture of her kids near her heart.

Pictures make great gifts and the way you can deliver them is endless. Did you see Lauren's Anniversary Gift Using Frosted Vinyl and Silhouette for her parents? Beautiful and thoughtful! This technique could also apply to a gift for mom. Find a treasured picture of the kids and decorate a frame or the glass.

Want to take it a step further? If you can coerce your siblings, try recreating a childhood picture by arranging the adult children in the same pose with similar clothes and facial expressions. Here are some examples:

Four Sisters Recreate Childhood Photos Taken Decades Ago Read
Matching pajamas for a childhood birthday at home (click image for source)

Boys in the tub (click image for source)

Aren't these too funny? I so want to try doing this with my siblings. I have just the picture in mind. My mom has this old photo of us in her wallet. My younger brother is up front in a car seat (he's 28 now!) and me and my brothers are arranged around him. We are all in front of the fire-place in my parents house. I would love to capture that with us as adults.

Another version of this is to recreate a picture of your parent. Here are a couple of examples:

How to look at babies
How to look at babies (click image for source)

Like Dad
Like Father, Like Son (click image for source)

Got more ideas? Share with us in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Clip art for the title banner courtesy of Microsoft Office Images. All other images are respective to their rightful owners and sources are linked to the images.

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  1. Wow! The necklace you made for your mom last year is so awesome, Bethany.

    These are really great ideas. I especially like the old/ new picture idea. Too bad my brother is living in Portland. I immediately thought of this crazy picture we have of the three of us making funny faces and being complete goofs. It would be fun to recreate.

  2. These are great ideas, Bethany! And I'm honored that you would include my Anniversary Gift idea in the mix. Thanks, girlfriend.

    The necklace you made your Mom last year is absolutely's reminiscent of Katniss' mockingjay pin in The Hunger Games (it's fresh on the brain as we just re-watched the movie this weekend). And those photo re-creations are just incredible. What a clever and meaningful gift idea. I'd love to see your photo re-creation if you end up taking it on.

    This has got my mind churning with ideas for a mother's day gift. Thanks, once again, for so much inspiration!

  3. Such wonderful ideas.. Your Mom is a special lady I nkow for she has a special daughter. My Mom passed last year but I don't get sad..I was blessed for many years to have her and my daughter is a Mom so gets all the goodies now :-)

    Happy Mother's day to your Mom!!

  4. Thank you! I really like how her necklace turned out. I started blogging just after mother's day last year, so I wasn't able to share it last year.

    That sounds like the perfect picture to recreate! I really love how these pictures turn out. They are so fun!

  5. You are welcome! I thought it was a fabulous gift that could easily be recreated for this purpose.

    It does remind me of her mocking jay! Haha! That's funny. My mom pointed out that it looks like a humming bird. I just grabbed the first bird charm at the bead store that looked like a good mommy bird. They didn't have a wide selection.

    I would love to recreate a photo. I'm not sure if my brothers would be willing though. One of my brothers is a total photo recluse. Ever since high school he has put up his hand in front of his face when he notices that he is getting photographed. If he doesn't do that, he usually makes this disgusted face. Maybe I should suggest a photo of us a little older with his hand in front of his face so he can recreate that. haha!

    Mother's day is certainly coming up fast! I didn't do as good this year for her birthday, so I figure I'll make it up for mother's day. Glad I gave you some inspiration! :)

  6. These ideas are so great! I love the necklace you made for your mom last year--so special! And those photo recreations are awesome. My sister and I tried one of those one time, but it didn't turn out great--we were too big to fit in the space, lol! Hope you had a great weekend, Bethany!

    ~Abby =)

  7. Awww! My mom is a special lady! I am sorry about your mom. Both of my grandmothers have passed over these past few years. My dad's mom was very drawn out, so I think it was a relief that she finally passed. It was still sad though. Passing that torch down to the next generation is very happy. My mother is over the moon for her grandson. I can't wait to provide her more grand babies. Happy mother's day to you and your daughter!

  8. Thank you, Abby! Those photos are pretty darn awesome. I wish I could coerce my siblings to do something. Too bad you couldn't fit into that space. I'm sure it would have been a hoot! My weekend was pretty good. Hope you had a great weekend too!

  9. Love that necklace! I think you are being modest with your jewelry skills :) I love that you put the birthstones in it, too. The photos are a really great idea, really cute and sentimental!

  10. Great idea! The necklaces are beautiful! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  11. Oh my goodness...I love the photo ideas! Ha, the one with the boys then and now in the tub is great! Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

  12. I love the photos too! There are so many of them out there. I really wish I could coerce my siblings to attempt one. If not, maybe there are some ones of my mom and me as a baby that I could recreate. :)

  13. Thank you! You are too kind. :) The photos are so cool! I wish I could coerce my siblings to do one with me. :D

  14. I love the photo enactments!

  15. Me too! Wish I could coerce my siblings to do some thing like this.

  16. This is too fun!! Thanks, girl. You always have something great! Have a great week. Linda

  17. Fun. I like your new look & fun button!

  18. Thank you! I am having fun tweaking the blog style. :D

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