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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Fooler who got Fooled

My mom and nephew - my mom loves April Fool's
Day. I've been waiting for someone to get her back.
My mom loves April Fool's Day. She had some small pranks that she played, but it is the larger ones that are more memorable.

I remember one year she came into the house after work really upset. I can't remember all the details, but what it boiled down to was that the car had been damaged. The car in question was the very first car my parents had ever bought brand new. It was a 1997 Dodge Intrepid.

I remember they had bought a used Chrysler maybe a year before. A few months after owning it, they discovered it had a blown head gasket. After that sour experience they decided to buy a new car. They were never well off with money, so a Dodge Intrepid was in their price range. It was a big deal for them. They still own that car.

So here is my dad being told by his very upset wife that the car was in an accident. The very first car he had ever bought brand new. He ran out to see the damage.

I remember my mom giving my dad this sweet innocent smile while everyone else burst out laughing realizing the joke. My dad was so mad! He was never known for his sense of humor. Having everyone laughing just made him feel laughed at. I am sure he can laugh at it now, though.

When my younger brother was in fifth or sixth grade he got in very big trouble with my parents. A boy a few years older than him talked my brother into withdrawing fifty dollars from my brother's bank account.

I recall my brother coming to me, his older sister, to ask how to fill out a withdrawal slip. He asked me for help to withdraw $5. He later changed it to $50.

The bankers gave him the money, but called my parents afterwards to let them know of suspicious activity. My parents were furious but confused at the same time.

The family of the older boy was notified. I remember hating that boy for years, blaming him for robbing my brother and getting him in trouble. To this day, I still can't imagine a fifth grader wanting pot.

My mother is the law-maker and punisher in my family. Her weapon of choice: guilt. She could make you cry with her disappointment and her inability to ever trust you again.

This incident required a bit more bite. He was grounded, requiring him to come straight home after school and couldn't go out on the weekends. He was also required to get a hair cut. He had been growing his hair out and it was shoulder length at that time. She thought that would leave a big impression on him. I remember him being very upset about it.

Perhaps a week later. My brother comes home from school and my mom is very displeased with him.

She questions him, "where were you today?"

"At school."

"The school called me today, they said you never showed up."

Can you imagine how freaked out my brother was? He swore he was there. Started reciting his friends names who could bear witness.

"Why would I believe your friends?"

He then listed his teachers, insisting they would collaborate.

After my brother was thoroughly distressed... April Fool's!

Yeah... My mother got him good!

The Fooler who got Fooled
My mom and nephew - My nephew is the best
April Fool's Day joke every played on my mom.

Well, 2 years ago, my second oldest brother finally got her back for all of us.

I have three brothers, no sisters. My oldest brother was 39 at the time and didn't seem likely he would ever get involved in a committed relationship and certainly not have children (he calls them Larva).

My second oldest brother and sister-in-law are a few years younger. They were never married and had been together for perhaps eight years at the time. The way they talked, my mother and I had long since come to the conclusion that they would never have kids.

My younger brother would have been 26 with no girlfriend at the time. My mother was placing all her bets on me for her grand kids  I would have been 29 at the time and early in my relationship with my fiancĂ©.

On April Fool's Day, two years ago, my mom got a voice mail from my second oldest brother. The voice mail stated, "well, looks like you are going to be a grand mom."

My mother couldn't believe it! She made my dad listen to it. He shook his head at her and said, "it's April Fool's Day..."

My mom was crest fallen. She told me and I agreed. It's April Fool's Day. They aren't going to have kids. They don't like kids. My sister-in-law doesn't want kids.

My mother finally got a hold of my brother. She talked with him for a long time, going over all the details. She told my dad and me, but we were still skeptical.

What a joke to play on this trickster! She didn't know what to believe for about a month and my dad and I kept reinforcing the joke!

It was such a delight to realize it was true! My precious nephew is so wonderful and my mother is head over heals in love with her first grand baby.

What is a memorable April Fool's joke you have played or got fooled by?


  1. Its so fun to read all your April Fools Day stories, and then what a sweet story to hear the April Fools joke really wasn't a joke at all..and your mom got to become a grandmother. Your nephew is so darn cute.

  2. A family that "fools" together is a family that "loves life" together.. these were great to read and it sounds like you have an awesome family..Lucky Lass!

  3. I love that you come from a family that loves to laugh and make jokes! No wonder you are so light-hearted and quick to chuckle.

    I especially enjoyed the story of your nephew being an April Fool's joke come true! ;-)

    I was the victim of a practical joke in college - - in fact, a whole group of us were. There was a tradition in the theatre company I was a part of called "Matinee Makeup." For weeks before a show went up, all of the veteran actors would casually mention the need to come in early on our Saturday matinee to do special "Matinee Makeup." They explained that the makeup needs to be darker because during the day, light seeps in. There were supposedly special techniques, so the veteran actors volunteered to do our makeup for us. They placed us on stools in the theatre, under the lights and made sure that none of us could see each other. I remember the girl doing my makeup reaching for wild colors like green and purple...colors I usually never touched when it came to stage makeup. But she seemed to know what she was doing, so I didn't question it.

    Then, when it came time to stand up and see their handiwork, I looked at my fellow newbie actors to realize the joke was on us. Our faces were covered in brilliant, bright colors, and we looked more like kids coming from a county fair with butterflies and war-paint on our faces rather than serious actors ready for a show.

    It was a rite of passage and of course, I did matinee makeup for the newbie actors when I was a junior and senior. I found it hilarious, while others (like your Dad in the car story) did NOT find it so funny. ;-)

  4. Haha! What a funny joke. That's the hard part with practical jokes. There is always someone who is the brunt of the joke. It can be hard to laugh it off, especially when you think people are laughing at you. They weren't laughing at how "dumb" everyone was for falling for it, seeing as the veteran actors had also fallen for it. It's funny to see all the colorful make up and the bewildered look on the younger actors faces.

    My mom has such a wonderful sense of humor. I think she would be shocked if I told her she inherited it from her father (since she is not close to her dad at all). My gran is also a trickster, but with props. He has these fake teeth he made while in dentistry school. They are horrible looking! He would pop them in and chase me around the house asking for a kiss when I was little. He also had this fake thumb that looked like he slammed his thumb with a hammer. Ewww gross!!! He showed me all his props one summer. Fake vomit, fake poo, lots of little trickster pranks. I'm sure he loves April Fool's Day just as much as she does.

  5. I do! I love my family very much. What more can you ask for than a family you enjoy being with?

  6. I know! He'll grow up with all of us reminiscing about what a great April Fool's joke he was!

  7. He is really cute! My mom texted me this morning about how they got to babysit him yesterday and that he is completely attached to my dad! They are just head over heals in love with him. I really can't wait to give them more grandbabies!

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