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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nexus 7 Arrived!

Nexus 7My Nexus 7 finally arrived today!

I pre-ordered on July 1 through Google Play market. I received order shipping confirmation on Friday, July 13. The UPS tracking info went live on Monday, July 16. And I received it today (Tuesday, July 17) @ 9:00 AM via UPS 2nd Day service. A little frustrating, since people were picking up theirs from Office Depot, GameStop and Best Buy on Saturday and not having to pay the shipping costs. I still paid state sales tax even though it shipped from out-of-state. But I will talk about that plus more in my upcoming review of the Nexus 7. I'll give my impressions on the device and on Jelly Bean and give a comparison to the Kindle Fire.


  1. Congrats on your new arrival - still waiting for mine here.... grrrr. Google say I have to wait to next week. Oh well!

  2. Thank you! Good luck! The Nexus 7 launch has been frustrating. After all the shipping fiasco, there's the defects. Here's a tweet from my fiance that pretty much summarizes it for us:

    Lucky for me, mine is perfect. No defects that we can tell.