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Monday, September 16, 2013

September Fitness Update and Fall Goals

So, I pretty much think I have nailed my original goals. I have completed 4 months of sticking to my fitness plan and have lost a total of 16 lbs. I am closing in on my goal weight lost of 25 lbs.

Losing 25 lbs will drop me from the overweight category to the healthy category using a BMI calculator. I really want to get to this weight. Of course, I won't mind losing even more.

Left: Before Weight Loss - Right: Current Weight
I like the WebMD BMI Plus Calculator. It considers sex and age. You also give it pant size and it will calculate your body shape index, which is a ratio of height to waist.

The screenshot on the left is using my measurements from May 15th, before starting my weight loss. Screenshot on the right is my current measurements. I was on the cusp of going into the "obese" BMI category and was in the "increased risk" body shape index. Now I am heading towards the "healthy weight" BMI category and am in the "healthy" body shape index. Yay!

I went shopping labor day weekend and bought a new pair of work pants and a tank top that was on clearance. I actually was pleased trying on clothes. The last few times I had tried shopping for clothes I left the store in tears. I felt like nothing was fitting good and it was depressing.

I also pulled four shirts and one pair of jeans out from the back of the closet and tried them on. They fit! I am putting them back into my regular circulation.

People at work keep commenting on how my clothes look baggy on me. I will need to buy more clothes, but I kind of want to wait. I want too see where my weight naturally plateaus with my current level of exercise and healthier eating habits.

Yogatta Do This

I have this cute to do pad on my fridge (source)
As many of you know, yoga has been on my to do list for years! I used to go very Sunday, but quit when I went back to school.

I did in fact go to yoga this month. Just not on the day I had previous said I would. My fiancé injured his foot, which meant he didn't want to go to yoga with me. I put it off for 2 weeks.

I finally went on September 1st… and it made me feel so sick! I got super dizzy and nauseous. I can't believe how bad it made me feel!

Just proves how out of shape I am. It used to make me feel so alive! Now it just makes me feel sick.

I was barely able to walk to my car. When I got to it, I just reclined the driver seat and laid there for 15 minutes before attempting to drive home. I felt dizzy and nauseous the whole car ride home (which was probably only 15 minutes). Not how you want to feel while driving.

When I got home, I reclined the driver seat again and rested for another 15 minutes. I then went up the two flights of stairs to my apartment and immediately lied down on the couch. I remained there a good hour before turning on the stove to heat up some frozen burritos. {I was too completely exhausted to attempt the salad I was planning on eating.}

I'm not sure I want to go back for a while. Here I was feeling and doing so well. Feeling so happy and enthusiastic about getting back in shape.

After Yoga, I felt dejected and abysmal. The absolute opposite of how I used to feel after yoga 7 years ago.

I felt miserable the rest of the day and didn't get anything done. Not how I wanted to spend my Labor Day Weekend Sunday. I had crafting plans that totally fell through!

The next day I felt better. I had that good sore feeling, but no more dizziness or nausea.


Well… I did stick to my goals from last month. I feel like I have been really good about keeping to them. I said I would try yoga and I did! So I think it is about time to change up my goals.

My current method of exercise is via jog/walking. Fall is almost upon us, which will bring not so nice weather with it {it's already started! Wahhhhhh! (T_T) }. I need a plan for the winter months and I need to start building it into my routine.

Here are my goals for fall:
  • Purchase a jump rope and practice jumping rope once per week for 5-15 minutes at a time
  • Do a set of 15 sit-ups once per week
  • Do a set of 10 lunges per leg once per week
The idea here is that I want to start introducing these types of exercising into my routine NOW. This will make it much more comfortable to start increasing these types of exercises for the winter when the weather doesn't permit my jog/walk.

I still really want to keep jog/walking, but I know last year I didn't want to continue walking when the weather turned. Plus it will be nice to have some diversity in my routine.

What is your exercise routine? Do you have a good indoor routine for when the weather isn't good? Have you tried a new exercise class and had it kill your enthusiasm? Should I try going back to yoga?


P.S. While camping this weekend, my fiance and I took a few pictures of us with his phone. I noticed how skinny my face looks! He called me skeleton girl in jest. I really can't believe how I look now. I went from being so horribly depressed every time I saw a picture of myself to being shocked at how skinny I look now. It's amazing how much 16 pounds can change how you look. I'll eventually get some before and after pictures posted. :)


  1. YAY!!! Congrats, Bethany! Amazing progress! That is really exciting. You are doing awesome-- keep it up!!!

    ~Abby =)

    1. Yay! Thank you! I'm pretty happy about my progress. I can't believe how much 19 lbs makes a difference. I keep pulling my larger pants away from my body in shock. I had to go out and buy some new pants this weekend. :)


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