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Monday, September 30, 2013

September Recap and October Goals

I can't believe it! Another month. Oh, how the time flies...

September Recap

This month, I shared how I customized my blogger blog. If you are on blogger, take a look. I have summarized a ton of hacks out there that are pretty cool!

If you have written a howto on customizing your blogger blog, I've started an inLinkz resource list. Add your post to the resource list!

I shared some pictures from the route I do my jog/walks along. I am really liking Lightroom. I had a ton of fun playing with these pictures.

Pictures from Along the Way
I also shared some fun pictures from our trip to Waldron Island. We went to the beach and found a starfish. My favorite picture is the kiddo with the starfish.

Pictures from On the Beach
I shared my fourth month fitness update. I can't believe I am at 20 lbs lost now! All my pants stopped fitting. I ended up buying some new clothes and pulling some old ones out of the closet. I really need to share a picture of me in my bigger pants. It's ridiculous!

I also attended Yoga for the first time in 7 years! It turned out to not be such a great experience. It made me feel really sick. :(

Photog Show and Tell schedule for going live changed. We used to go live on the third Tuesday of the Month. This was hard to keep track of, so we changed it to the first Tuesday of the month.

Lastly, the coolest thing that happened to me this month. My fiancé and I set a date for getting married! I am so excited! I have been thinking about it nonstop ever since.

September Goals Review

I still don't feel very accomplished in my goals. Here is what I had planned for September:

  • Publish one DIY project post, minimum: Nope. Didn't do this. I had planned on doing a DIY project for my fiancé's birthday. It was a bust. I came up with a second plan, but it's hard to do something sneaky when he is home all the time, so I didn't.
  • Start my table!!! Gosh darn it: Nope, didn't do this either. I thought about going to the hardware store this weekend, but then I got sick with a cold and decided not to. I totally lost all our good weather too, so my excuse of not doing it while its cold and wet is back. Yeah. I suck. But it's OK.
  • Publish two posts per week: I did publish two posts the first week. I guess that is progress. lol!
  • Get some photo albums uploaded: I didn't upload any photos to any albums. :P I did process some photos and get a couple posts up. That's progress, right?
  • Maintaining Relationships: I didn't contact anyone in real life. I think I reached out to a few of my blogger buddies, though.

Yeah. So, all in all, I suck. Hahaha!

I guess it's ok, really. I am feeling quite happy with myself. I think losing so much weight has really helped me and my relationship with my fiancé.

I feel better about my body, which helps me feel more like being intimate with my guy. This was totally subconscious. I didn't even realize it until he pointed it out to me.

So he is really liking the weight loss too. Although he has called me "skeleton girl" and "bony butt" a few times. ;)

October Goals

So, I am going to mix it up here. I don't want to repeat the same goals every month and feel like a failure.

Here are my goals for October:
  • Participate in Wordless Wednesday: I had a few random Waldron Island pictures I was going to show in mass. I decided instead to break them up into Wordless Wednesday posts. I have 5 all scheduled and ready to go! Not sure if I want to add a linky yet, as it might step on the toes of Photog Show and Tell linky. Let's just see if I can actually participate in other people's Wordless Wednesday linkies first.
  • Attend a First Time Homeowner Seminar and Blog about it: I have signed up for a class in October. I want to blog about the path to homeownership. I have a first post rough drafted in Evernote, so it is time to get it published! {Doesn't count for my goal below.}
  • Publish at least one Post that I have rough drafted in Evernote: I have several posts that I have outlined and rough drafted in Evernote that are starting to age. I think it is about time that I get some of these wrapped up.
  • Publish one post about Wedding Ideas: I wrote out an epic post for my Well, we set a date! post, then I realized I should break it up into multiple installments. I'd like to post one wedding related post per month. I don't want to get it all out there right off the bat. I have a ton of ideas now because I am excited about setting a date. Let's save some of that excitement for later.
  • Call my real life friend Katie: I had a dream about her. It wasn't a good one. She was in a bad place. I need to call her. I don't know why I have such a hard time keeping friends. Maybe it's because I have a long history of not very good friendships? I am still very heartbroken about one in particular. But that's for another post, if ever.
OK. I think that is a manageable list of goals.

I am getting really distracted by a few blogging things. One of them is that I have been working on some new graphics for the blog. New header, new background… and looking at free online templates too. It's all a learning process and it is very distracting from actually writing and setting up images for posts.

I have also been thinking about setting up a wedding website/blog. It would be similar to The Knot's wedding website generator, only with my own graphics and format.

Lots and lots of distractions! Plus, my fiancé and I have a video game that we have been really enjoying. I only sat down to write this because our power went out in the middle of our game. {Yay for laptops and tethering off of our phones!} lol!

So, what have you been up to this month? Do you make goals and have trouble following through on them like me? What is a goal/task that you have been putting off for months but really need to do.

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  1. Love that you're posting your goals. I have mine mentally stored, but maybe if I post about them I'd be more likely to follow through ;-) I could use a blog redo, but I have no idea where to start. Congrats on the weight loss! Congrats on the wedding...we still haven't set our either (long story there). But after being together for almost 14 years I think someone should just mail us the paper work and call it done! ;-)

    1. That's what I thought after reading another blogger's monthly goals, so I decided to start writing mine down too. Thanks for the congrats! I am really thrilled over both the weight loss and wedding plans. We had reasons for delaying it, mostly fiscal, but I am so glad to finally get the ball rolling. I'm not a big wedding person myself. I would have been content just going down to City Hall and getting in front of a judge or running off somewhere exotic for an elopement. We are deciding to do a ceremony, though. It's a good excuse to get his family to come out and visit us and meet my family. :)

  2. Hi Bethany, so glad to finally get to leave you a comment here! :-) I've been a bad blogger lately, so behind my e-mails but trying my best to visit all the blogs I love to read :-)
    It's funny but I always read your monthly recaps and goals for the next month; I love how you write them and how honest you are about everything! Happy that you have lost so much weight, I have gained weight this last month (too much junk food, trying my best to stop this)
    I hope you will be able to get a lot of things done this next month! :-)
    wish you a lovely October too! :-)

    1. Hey, Ingrid!!! I've been a bad blogger too. I have been focused more on my blog then on others and have totally dropped link parties all together. I barely have time to write posts, so I have a hard time keeping up with it all. Thanks for reading my recaps! I try to be honest because, well, it benefits me more if I am. Right? As a blogger, I'm not being too successful, but since it is a hobby I don't let it get me down. I am feeling really good about life and my own personal successes. I am on cloud 9 over my weight loss and setting a date. So much to be excited over!

      Thanks so much for the read and wishing me luck for this next month. Happy October to you too! :D

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