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Monday, September 23, 2013

Well, we set a date!

Yep, that's right. We FINALLY set a date.

I had originally planned on us getting married in July of 2012, but that fell through when my fiancé was laid off back in February 2012. He ended up going back to school on worker retraining benefits and financial aid. This meant getting married would end his benefits.

We then decided to get married in the Summer of 2014. He will only have a quarter or two left of school and he will already have used up his worker retraining benefits. Plus, he won't be filling out financial aid forms until January 2015 (if he is still in school).

These past few weeks, we started getting really excited about him only having 1 year left of school. After visiting my nephew, we want even more to start having kids. We especially yearn for kids after my stepson leaves us every August. It's just too quiet in our apartment without him.

We started re-thinking our plans and what we want to do. We know we want to get married in the summer when my stepson is with us. HE HAS TO BE THERE. PERIOD.

We also started thinking about my fiancé's family. They all live in Arkansas. We needed to let them know early so that they can start saving up for the trip out here and put in notices with work. Our plan was to let them know when we are down there for this Christmas, but...

My fiancé just couldn't resist telling them when they called him for his birthday. He was so happy to talk to them! {It had been a while since he had talked to his sisters.} So he spilled the beans. He told them we are planning on getting married in July 2014 and they need to come out here.

He has two younger sisters. One is 2 years younger and the other is 10 years younger. The older of the two refuses to fly, so they are planning on driving all the way out here.

It sucks because that means they won't spend as much time out here, since part of their vacation time will be spent driving 2,300 miles to us and back. Oh, well.

So, now that we told his family, we knew we needed to get a little more accurate in our date. July 2014 was good enough for now, but we need a specific date to start planning stuff. We started talking about it on Friday over dinner. We are getting married on… {drum roll}

We want it to be towards the end of July so that my stepson will be going home shortly afterwards. He is taking Summer quarter off and I am planning to take 3 weeks off from work. This will give us two weeks with my stepson and one of those weeks with his family. Then they will all go home and we will have a week just the two of us. :)

I chose 7/28/14 because each digit is divisible by 7, and once divided the digits add up to 7. Plus it's towards the end of the month. Boy, am I a nerd…

Of course, he keeps teasing me and saying 4/14/25 when asked about the date {and then I slap him}. lol!

Wedding Ideas - Just joking, really!

OK. So these are totally just some jokes that my fiancé and I have been throwing around. All in good humor. I doubt we'll do any of these. :) 

I am Iron Man!
So my fiancé's ideal wedding I totally nixed. Not only was this an idea that he and his ex came up with, but I just can't see our family and friends getting into it. But I'll let you know what it is anyways.

He has always wanted to get married on Halloween. Get everyone to dress up in costume for the wedding. We would also be in costume. It's a fun idea, but I just can't see my parents in costume.

Another idea that popped up was that he wants to wear a superhero outfit under his tux. At the end of the ceremony, we'll have someone screaming behind the guests. He'll turn around while undoing the buttons of his dress shirt, revealing the superhero costume underneath. He just got an iron man shirt from his dad for his birthday, so he thought this would be perfect for it.

I also have a joke wedding idea that just makes me totally giggle. I keep joking with the fiancé that we should have my oldest brother officiate the wedding.

Why my brother? Because he is TOTALLY anti-weddings. Here's the catch though. I would have him do it in the voice of the priest from the Princess Bride {he has a good impersonation}:

My fiancé and I were laughing our butts off about this. Don't tell any of our family and friends about it. We would totally reenact the scene from the Princess Bride.

My fiancé even asked if he could demand, "Man and wife! Say man and wife!" and then run out of the room.

OMGosh!!! It makes me laugh so much. I think it would be so memorable.


I started a pinterest board awhile back for wedding ideas. Perhaps when I first signed up? Since we just set a date, I have been pinning like mad and clipping stuff to Evernote.

Here is my board if you are interested in taking a look:

Wedding Planning Resources

I started an inLinkz Wedding Planning Resource list. I have started adding links to it. Have you have written your own blog post or series about wedding planning or decor? Or have a great resource tip?

Anywho, you know I will be totally blogging about the whole process. Fa sho!!!

Give me some ideas! What are some things that you are thinking about for your wedding? Or things you did that you loved at your wedding? Or something you wished you had done? Share with us in the comments below!


  1. First YAY! Second, we got married on the 4th of July so instead of rice or bird seed or bubbles everyone had sparklers when we left the venue! We also had a smaller party after the reception just for family and so that we could open our gifts with those we are the closest with! It was WAY more fun than the reception! We got married on a budget so if you ever want ideas let me know!

    1. Thank you, Kristin! I like the sparklers idea! Very fun. Yeah, I definitely want small and intimate. I don't think I'm going to invite more than our immediate families and our closest friends. I am a pretty private person and really wouldn't mind eloping, but the more I think about it, the more fun it sounds to have a close group of people there.

  2. Eeek! I'm so excited for you, Bethany. I'm sure it's starting to feel really real now that you have a date set...and I love the whole divisible by 7 thing. Also, I think your life-long relationship together is already off to a great start with your hilarious wedding ideas. One thing that Mark and I have learned over our first 4 years of marriage is the value and importance of laughter! It can help you through almost ANY tough situation. (Okay, and the "mawage is what bwings us togevaaaa today" scene is one of my absolute favorite scenes from the Princess Bride. I'm giggling here with you.) Also, was honored to see my post pinned to your Pinterest board, plus my series already linked to your inLinkz. Thanks, chicadee! And as I remember helpful resources in wedding planning, I'll be sure to send them your way. Can't wait to read about your process! It's going to be grand!

    1. Squeal!!! I'm super excited! I think I've played the, "meh!" card for a while now. We will have been together for 5 years come this Thanksgiving. It feels like we are married already. BUT, setting that date really did stir up excitement. I can't wait to begin the next chapter of our lives together. Totally agree about the value of laughter. It's one of the biggest things I love about him; his ability to make me laugh. We love Princess Bride! We really have been walking around the house going "mawage!" all weekend. LOL! Thanks for all the tips and sending resources my way! Hugs to you, friend!

  3. Congrats!! Weddings are so much fun to plan and you will change your mind a hundred times over details but in the end it all comes together for a smashing good time. Have fun and best of luck to you and your super hero!

  4. Woohoo!!! Congrats on setting a date! How exciting! It will be here before you know it, and you will be such a beautiful bride! Love the wedding ideas-- you guys really seem like you are perfect together! Can't wait to see all of the plans unfold!

    ~Abby =)

    1. Thank you, Abby! We are so excited! Of course, you'll see all the details. I'll be blogging all about it. :)

  5. Congrats on setting a date! I love the nerdiness of the divisibility of 7. I bet you are going to have a fun shin-dig! I want to do a fun DIY wedding with my daughter. She's only 7 and needs to wait about 20 years to marry. I just wish the internet & pinterest was around back when I got married...23 years ago.

    1. Thank you! I am a pretty big nerd and numbers are my thing. He laughed about it and is still teasing me for it. I'm not up for some stressed out major fiasco. A small, DIY wedding with a modest budget is what I am aiming for. And I am so fortunate to have Pinterest and all these wonderful bloggers with fantastic ideas! You and your daughter are going to have so much fun for her wedding!

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